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Wednesday, April 5, 2000

I got an e-mail from my mom's cousin Paul this evening, asking if I had any information about my great grandfather. It seems he recently got mail from someone in Poland named Emil Horbal wanting to know if he knew anything about a Jozef or Michael Horbal. My great grandfather is Jozef, although who knows if he's the one Emil was asking about. I was happy to tell Paul that indeed, I found the names of Great Grandpa's parents, Paul Horbal and Justine Wozny. Hopefully that will help narrow things down a bit to see if Emil is asking about the same person.

I also got mail from Vince's wife Linda the other day telling me about a couple of letters they had found in Grandma's house. According to Linda's friend Marzanna, one was in Polish and the other in Russian. The one in Polish was from a town called Targoszyn, which she says in in western Poland, oddly enough. There's a long story Marzanna told behind why that might be so, but it's late, so I'll enter that here in the next few days.

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