Winter SWL Fest, Kulpsville, Pennsylvania, March 12-13, 2004

For 17 years, shortwave listeners of all stripes have gathered once a year in a hotel north of Philadelphia to exchange tips, washed down with tuning oil. This year was my 15th in attendance.

Alan Johnson and Skip Arey plot their winnings in the upcoming raffle.

Alan Johnson and Skip Arey

Tom LeDoux looks on.

Tom LeDoux

Skip diligently fills out his tickets.

Skip Arey

Jim Strader and Saul Broudy at rest.

Jim Strader and Saul Broudy

George Zeller talks about pirate radio. Arrrrrrgh!

George Zeller

Janice Laws in full pirate regalia.

Janis Laws with a pirate-themed 'Cat in the Hat' hat

Kim Andrew Elliott looks pensive.

Kim Andrew Elliott

Ulis Fleming.

Ulis Fleming


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