St. Augustine, Florida, November 20-27, 2004 -- Nights of Lights, Tuesday, November 23

The Castillo de San Marcos is lit up in a different manner. This shot was taken from the walkway on Avenida Menendez, which borders right on the water.

Castillo de San Marcos at night

This is one of my absolute favorite shots from the whole trip. This is the Bridge of Lions as seen from the walkway on Avenida Menendez. The boats in the foreground are a little blurry because this shot took ten seconds to expose, and needless to say, boats on water don't stay perfectly still. I think the blurryness of the boats gives a sense of their motion. I love the way the lights on the bridge are reflected in the water. This one is going to get printed and framed, I think.

The Bridge of Lions

This is a view of downtown as seen from across the Matanzas River on Anastasia Island. One of the bridge towers is at the far left.

Downtown St. Augustine, seen from Anastasia Island

This shot highlights the Bridge of Lions as you approach downtown St. Augustine.

Another view from Anastasia Island, highlighting the Bridge of Lions

I really enjoyed taking the camera out at night. I think I got some of the best photos from the whole trip on this evening.

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There are multiple groups of pictures from this trip:

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