St. Augustine, Florida, November 20-27, 2004 -- Boat Tour, Wednesday, November 24

One of the cool things about taking this tour is the wildlife you see. The tour guide pointed out a couple of dolphins, but we didn't see them. We did see some interesting birds, though.

The tour guide informed us that this was a wood stork, an endangered species.

Wood stork

Dad and I later looked through one of his bird books and found that this was a blue heron.

Blue heron

This is the tip of Anastasia Island, right by the outlet to the ocean, and part of Anastasia Island State Park. People used to be able to drive on the beach here, and this was a popular fishing spot, but now that driving on the beach is banned in the park, this is a three mile hike to get to. It's somewhat less popular with the fishermen nowadays.

The tip of Anastasia Island

St. Augustine lighthouse as seen from the water. I got some much better photos of this from dry land later in the week.

St. Augustine lighthouse

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There are multiple groups of pictures from this trip:

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