St. Augustine, Florida, November 20-27, 2004 -- St. Augustine Lighthouse, Thanksgiving Day, November 25 and Friday, November 26

We woke up early the next morning with plans to head to the lighthouse while the light was still interesting. Mom and Dad's screened porch was bathed in early morning light.

The screened porch, view one

A beach home, indeed.

A home at the beach

I shot a couple dozen photos of the lighthouse that morning, but the first shot turned out to be my favorite.

St. Augustine Lighthouse

What you don't see in these photos is the house in which the lightkeeper and his family lived, which stands just to the east of the lighthouse and now serves as a museum. This shot of the lighthouse is from the other side of the keeper's house.

St. Augustine Lighthouse from the other side of the museum

I like this close-up of the top of the lighthouse. I stepped back to the launching dock shown on the previous page to get this shot. You can see the lens they use to focus the light from the lighthouse here.

The top of the St. Augustine Lighthouse

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There are multiple groups of pictures from this trip:

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