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Wednesday, March 1, 2000

I've done a lot of work on the family history already in the past month or so. Probably the most important thing to me was finding the name of the town my great-grandfather (and namesake) was born in in Italy, and in the process, finding a second-cousin, Carol. I was bored one day (January 31), so did a little ego-surfing (entering my name in a search engine to see what came up). Most of the pages had something to do with me. One or two were about some vice president at a semiconductor firm in California with the same name. And one page was a query on a page having to do with German genealogy, looking for information about Helen Prillwitz, who had been married to Ralph Brandi of San Potito, Italy. Bingo! I now had the name of the town, the name of one of Ralph Sr.'s wives, and an e-mail address for a relative I didn't even know I had.

There's a lot more to tell on what I've figured out in the past month or so; I'll try to catch up on all that over the next week.

Posted at 11:46:30 PM