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Monday, July 17, 2000

I found a website in English about San Potito Sannitico, amazingly enough. It really is a World Wide Web. :-) They celebrate Emigrants' Day on August 6th. Maybe we'll have to go there for that one of these years.

I also found a page that lists the population of towns and villages in Italy according to the 1991 Census. The page for the province of Caserta shows that San Potito Sannitico has a population of 1791, and the much larger Piedimonte Matese next door has 11237 people. The towns in Benevento province aren't much bigger; Faicchio's population is bursting at the seams at 3980, and a visitor to San Lorenzello can't keep from bumping in to their 2392 residents.

Posted at 11:47:55 PM