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Wednesday, August 2, 2000

I called the Catholic Cemetery Commission in Saginaw last Friday to see if I could find out where my great-grandfather was buried. The obituary in the Saginaw newspapers said Calvary Cemetery, which is downtown, but his death certificate said Mt. Olivet, which is out on the edge of town. There wasn't anyone there then, so I left a message. I got messages on my answering machine on Monday and Tuesday telling me that they had found the information. I forgot to call back yesterday, but I did call this morning, and they tell me he's in Calvary. The woman I spoke with was very nice, and mentioned that they had a few other Brandis listed, and offered to send me their records, so I gave her my address, and she promised to get them in the mail today. Hopefully they'll be here by the weekend, or early next week at the latest, as I leave for Ohio and Michigan next Wednesday evening.

Posted at 9:34:25 AM