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Tuesday, January 2, 2001

The Library of Michigan has really improved its 1870 Census Index web site since the last time I looked at it. Before, it was pretty plain, just giving a reference on where to look. Now, it includes links to the actual Census images in PDF format. I found the Census entry for my great great grandfather, Charles Warren Miller, as a three year old in Sherman Township, Newaygo County, living with his father Hugh and mother Mary and sister Ida. I still need to find out more information about the Schmitts and Hertels to find any of them in the index; I've only got them back to about 1880. No sign of Ira Poats in the index, not even as "Potts". I know he was in Michigan at the time of the Civil War, because I found a war document on when they had one of their free access periods. I'll have to figure out what happened there.

Posted at 1:08:45 AM