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Sunday, February 18, 2001

Boy, this is amazing. I found a picture of my 3G Grandfather on the web! Ira J. Poats of Newaygo, Michigan, was a Civil War vet, according to the Miller family history we got from Aunt Betty a few years ago. So I was bored today and decided to do some Google searches on some of the names in my database. The first one that came up with hits was Ira Poats. There's a site with historical information about Newaygo County, and in their database of photos is one of Ira. Wow! It mentions that he was in Company C of the Michigan Third Infantry, which squares with the information about him in the Miller history. Wow!

There's also a transcription of a book about the Civil War vets of Newaygo County that will be worth revisiting at some point. The book is where the photo of Ira came from. There's a brief four paragraph bio of Ira, but they misspell his name in the heading as "Ira J. Boats" and get the name of his wife, Nancy Mizner, wrong as well (Nancy Mimer). Ah, the joys of OCR technology....

Posted at 3:25:52 PM