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Friday, April 6, 2001

You want to know how small the world has become? Back in October, I posted an item about finding an address for my grandmother's sister, Katarzyna Kaczmarska, in the town of Lemierzyce, Poland. I speculated that she was probably deceased, since my aunt and uncle hadn't mentioned wanting to get in touch with her to let her know that Grandma passed away. Well, this week, I got e-mail from a woman in Poznan, Poland, who comes from Lemierzyce confirming the fact that Katarzyna is no longer alive, but that her daughter still lives in the town, and her son in a village nearby. I never cease to be amazed at the things I find out just because I post things to this site.... (Thanks to my friend Rafal for helping translate the e-mail from Polish; machine translation still has a way to go before it's truly useful....)

Posted at 4:38:07 AM