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Tuesday, October 30, 2001

I was searching for pages about Faicchio, where Laura's great-grandfather came from, and instead came across a bunch of information about Calitri, where her great-grandmother comes from. One person from Arizona has his genealogy database of about 5500 people online, containing people from both Faicchio and Calitri, which is how I made the connection. Interestingly, there are 27 de Rosas from Calitri in his database. He had links to a couple of pages, including one called Calitri Connections, but those links were broken. So I searched for Calitri on Google, and came across the Calitri mailing list. When I searched for "de Rosa" there, one of the things I found was the new home of Calitri Connections. It looks like there's a ton of information out there about Calitri. This will prove very useful once we start looking at Laura's Calitri ancestry in earnest.

Posted at 10:47:47 PM