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Friday, February 15, 2002

I went to the State Archives in Trenton today to do some research on Laura's family. I found some interesting stuff.

First up was the record of the marriage of Laura's great-grandparents, Filippo Saracco and Maria Francesca (Franceschina) De Rosa. I found them getting married on 22 Feb 1903; that means that next Friday will be 99 years since they got married! There were some odd things there. For example, the wedding took place at St. Michael's Church in West Hoboken (known today as Union City), not in Paterson. Second was that Franceschina's address was given as 189 Summit Avenue, West Hoboken, also not Paterson. Very interesting. The officiating minister was the Pastor of St. Antonio's Italian Church in West Hoboken. Two names I got from this that I didn't know before were those of Filippo's parents. His father was Sebastiano Saracco, and his mother Maria G. d'Orsi. Filippo's death record fills in his mother's name as Maria Giuseppa d'Orsi. This is great to know. Filippo was born in March 1870 according to the death record; this is ten years after the latest records for Faicchio available from the Family History Library. With any luck, Filippo wasn't their first child; it would be nice if they had children as early as 1860, because then we could make the leap right to the FHL records. If that's the case, then they would have gotten married during the time frame of the FHL records, which would point me to the proper birth records and everything. If they didn't get married in 1860 or before, we would need to get the marriage record from Faicchio to make sure we were looking at the right records. So the next step on this line is clearly to look at the birth records for the late 1850s and 1860 and see if Sebastiano Saracco and Maria Giuseppa d'Orsi were having children then, and check the marriage records to see if they got married then. Filippo's death record shows that he died at the age of 61, and that he was working pretty much to the end of his life. He died of a cerebral hemorrhage on 16 Feb 1932.

I found death records for Laura's great-great-grandparents, Giovanni De Rosa and Lucia (Nannariello) De Rosa. Lucia died on 19 Mar 1924 of Solar something or other that I can't read, and Giovanni on 23 Nov 1924 of arteriosclerosis. The records confirm the names of their parents, although they misspell Lucia's maiden name as Mammariello.

The last death record I found was for Vittorio Minnocci, Laura's great-great-grandfather. I had previously gotten his death record from the state, but they had blacked out the part that described what he died of. The version I got on microfilm from the archives says that he died of bronchial pneumonia, with chronic nephritis as a contributory factor.

The death records at the archives only go up to 1940, so I couldn't find anyone else in the family. Still, I was happy with what I found, particularly the marriage record.

Marriage Record

Death Records

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