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Saturday, June 8, 2002

I found the right Francesca di Napoli in the death records. This Francesca, Laura's 4G Grandmother, and the wife of Vito Rabasca, died in Calitri on 20 Sep 1850, about seven years after her husband. Her parents, Laura's 5G Grandparents, were Giovanni di Napoli and Antonia di Muro. I sent mail with this information to Jason, the man with the 20,000+ names from Calitri, and he tells me that Giovanni died in 1817, and was the son of Canio di Napoli and Antonia Codella. So now I just need to get the film with those death records on them and confirm that. Antonia di Muro was dead before Giovanni, but Jason has no indication of when, so I'll have to look through the records from 1809 to 1817 to see if she's in there. I don't have that film at the Family History Center, but it's one of the ones I have on order, and I ordered them almost four weeks ago, so they should be showing up very soon.

Death Record

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