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Thursday, March 30, 2000

Well, Pennysylvania came through. They found Grandpa Horbal's records, apparently, and they were even under his real name, although oddly enough, it didn't include his middle name, August. Go figure. Sadly, Great-Grandpa and Buscha's birthplaces are just listed as "Poland", again, which gets me no closer to knowing where specifically they're from. The back of the certificate says that the information is exactly transcribed form information contained on the original certificate, so I guess that means that this was all the information on the certificate. No hospital listed, no address, just the names of the parents, their ages, and a birthplace for each of Poland. I think it's interesting that the certificate is listed as having been filed on June 15, 1914, more than two whole months after he was born. Maybe that's due to the screwup on his last name, which doesn't show up on this copy (which is a modern printout rather than a photocopy or microfilm copy of the original).

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