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Tuesday, April 11, 2000

Well, mom's cousin Paul came through in a very nice way; I got a package from him today with photocopies of death certificates for Great Grandpa and Buscha Horbal, the wedding certificate from the church where they got married, Great Grandpa's naturalization certificate from 1922, and Buscha's birth certificate. Interesting things learned from the documents:

Paul also sent a nice letter. He mentions that he and his wife Eileen took his parents up to Caro about 10 years ago, and they found the house and the schoolhouse (now converted to a house), both of which were still standing. Given that his memories are far more recent than mine (which say the schoolhouse had fallen down), I think I believe him over me. :-) Great Grandpa had a farm in Caro, and they grew sugar beets. I knew about the farm; I'm not sure I knew about the beets.

Paul also mentions that Buscha told him that "when they lived in Pennsylvania, Great Grandpa worked for a railroad. She said that one of his duties was 'cook' and he used to make pierogis for the crew." So apparently a taste for pierogis is hereditary.

Joseph Horbal

Victoria (Mazur) Horbal

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