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Saturday, June 17, 2000

The mail today contained a wealth of information from Social Security. My great-great-aunt, Mary (Zurbyk) Karyshyn's SS-5 came today. She was born on April 25, 1892, in Poland, and lists her parents; names as Nickolas Zurbyk and Varvara Woryszczak. Since she was my grandmother's father's sister, I now have the names of my great-great-grandparents, which I didn't have before.

For Laura's family, we got her Grandma and Grandpa Pantano's SS-5s. Not really anything there we didn't know, although her Grandpa Pantano's form says he was working for the Graham Construction Co. part time as of December 15, 1941, in addition to his teaching job. Hmmm, either that was something to keep the money coming in over the holidays, or it was something to do with the war effort, since he filled out the form just about a week after Pearl Harbor. Laura's Grandma Pantano signed her form in 1958 "Adele S. Pantano", rather than Adeline or Adelina.

The big find on Laura's side of the family, though, is her Grandma Lombardo, Albana Maracci Lombardo. She filled out her form on December 19, 1936 as an employee of the Aldene Silk Throwing Company in Paterson, NJ. Surprisingly for a SS-5, she not only gives the country of her birth, but the province and village! We didn't know where she came from any more specifically than La Spezia, Italy, which is a city and a province, but the SS-5 says she was born in Pitelli, Spezia, Italy. Of the dozen or so SS-5s I've seen so far, this is the only one that gets that specific. Pretty neat that it's the one that we needed to be that specific. :-)

It's very hot here today, so I'll scan the forms in later, maybe tomorrow when the high is supposed to be only in the low 70s.

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