New Toy, March 27, 2004, Bristol, PA and Burlington County, NJ, Page 3

It takes a lot of power to lift a drawbridge.

Danger! High Voltage. Keep Out.

The shipping channel in the middle of the river.

Marking the channel in the middle of the river

The third theme was signs and buildings I saw on the New Jersey side after I crossed the bridge and got on to U.S. Route 130. This collision shop is right where the road from the bridge meets Route 130. They've got at least two sides of the building painted in these vibrant, almost lurid shades of blue. I almost wonder if the gray car all smashed up in front of the building came out of the wall just before the yellow car that's painted there.

Collision shop

One of the few old-style McDonald's signs around.

Billions and Billions Served

This store has intrigued me for years. What the hell is a cheeserie? The name changed in the past year or so. It used to be called "Daughters' Cheeserie & Deli".


If liquor gives you cramps, why drink it?

Cramp's Liquors sign

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