Campbell's Junction, Belford, New Jersey, April 30, 2006

I took the Diana out for another spin. I bought a five pack of Kodak Ultra Color 100 and another of the same film at 400 speed. The day was sunny, so I loaded the camera with the 100 and set out. I'm not really happy with many of these, but I'm still just getting to know the camera. I think it may work better for more abstract things.

Campbell's Junction is within walking distance of our house, a little cluster of shops that haven't changed much in almost 30 years. Some of the businesses themselves are different, but many are the same, and the buildings are pretty much untouched.

Steer on the roof

The butcher shop wants you to know what they sell, so they put it on the roof.

Batmobile ride outside Carvel

If I told you that this photo was called "Three Poops", you wouldn't know what I was talking about unless you're a family member.

Anthony and Jimmy's Hair Styling

This barber shop has been here forever. I remember going here as a kid. I love the building; it has an interesting shape.

Lentz's Body Shop

The barber shop is one small part of the building that houses this body shop.

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