Lomo Fisheye 2 experiments with cross processing, January, 2007

My friend Sharon suggested to me that shooting on slide film and having it processed as if it were print film might be worth trying, that the color shifts that happen when you do that would be pretty interesting. I checked with the place where I get my film developed, and after weeks of hemming and hawing, they agreed that they could process the film that way. So I tried it. I used my new Lomographic Society Fisheye 2 camera, a recent Christmas present from my wife. I was looking for colorful items that might become more vibrantly and vividly colorful with the cross processing. I really like the photos, but I'm not as crazy about how my scanner treated them, so I may rescan these from the film when I get a scanner capable of doing that (hopefully in the near future).

The evil clown of Middletown

One of the most colorful items in my area is the evil clown in front of Circus Liquors on Route 35 in Middletown.

The evil clown of Middletown as seen from his floppy feet

Convenience store at Campbell's Junction

I thought it would be interesting to shoot these soda carriers and see what happened to the colors. The red and yellow ones were pretty bright to start with and got brighter. The blue ones came out black, interestingly enough.

Fire hydrant

Birdhouse in the backyard

This birdhouse stands in our backyard right by the creek.

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