Hyannis Holiday, November 11, 2006

Laura and I were on Cape Cod last weekend. She had a dance weekend she wanted to attend, and I tagged along to drive and to keep her company. On Saturday, she was competing, so I had some free time. I wandered over to Hyannis, ancestral playground of the Kennedys, just to explore.

Hyannis Holiday Motel

I was kind of surprised with how seedy Hyannis felt. It wasn't the high end rich people's place I expected.

JFK Memorial

They did have a nice memorial to the late president down by the water, though.

Empty Lifeguard Chair

Even though the temperature was in the 60s, the fact that it was November meant nobody was swimming.

Close-up on the lifeguard's chair

I like the other photo of the lifeguard's chair better, but this one seemed good enough to share too.

First aid station

Since nobody was swimming, nobody needed first aid.

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