Picking up our new Mini Cooper S, February 12, 2005 (Page 2)

I probably should have used my polarizing filter to prevent the reflections and get a better view of my lovely wife inside the car, but I wasn't thinking about fine photography at this point, just about getting some snapshots.

Laura prepares to depart

I know the hood is called the bonnet, and the trunk is called the boot, but do the British have a different word for seatbelts? I can't remember.

Laura puts on her seatbelt

This is the moment at which the car lost 20% of its value.


See you at home! This is the point at which the wisdom of buying the Cooper S instead of the straight Cooper became clear; pulling onto busy U.S. 1 near Princeton is enough to put fear into the hearts of lesser cars, but the supercharger in the Cooper S makes it relatively easy for Leadfoot Laura.

Pulling on to Route 1

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