The house we're buying, July 5, 2003

This is Ralph's parents' house in Middletown, which we're buying.

[ View of the left front of the house ]

This is the left side of the house, seen from the end of the driveway.

[ Head on view of the front of the house ]

This is the house front on. You can't really see the bedroom area, because it's blocked by the huge pine tree. (Plus the house is long enough that it wouldn't have fit in this shot anyway.)

[ View ]

The front of the house, from a position on the driveway where you can actually see the entire length.

[ View ]

The back of the house, with deck.

[ View ]

The backyard. You can't really see the creek, but you can pretty much tell where it is.

[ View ]

The wooded lot to the side of the house. This will be our property, too.

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