Campbell's Junction, Lomographic Society Pop 9, December, 2006

Laura bought me a couple of cheap toy cameras for Christmas this year. One of them was the Lomographic Society's Pop 9, a little 35mm pocket camera with nine lenses in a 3x3 matrix. Why would you want nine lenses taking the exact same picture on one frame of film? Hell if I know. I was skeptical of its utility, but I have to say, I'm actually pretty pleased with the way the photos from my first day out with the camera turned out. If one photo of a goofy sign is good, nine photos is nine times as good, right?

[ No Super Sale; Cigarettes $6.75 Cash Only ]

Goofy sign number one. I could tell you where this is, but it would spoil the mystery.

[ Sunrise at Campbell's Junction ]

Sunrise was very pretty this morning, perhaps a bit too cloudy, but I think it works well in this photo taken in the empty lot between the bank and the drug store.

[ The head of a horse ride, 25 cents per play ]

Ice cream's not enough for Carvel; they need rides to draw the kiddies, too.

[ All Star Pro Wrestling ]

This sign was in the window of the auto parts store.

[ Pizza pizza ]

Pizza pizza.

[ Sunrise over the barber pole ]

Stepping into this barber shop was like walking 40 years into the past. Wood paneling, cheap cuts, old guys, sports memorabilia on the walls. I went here a few times as a teenager. I got my most recent haircut here. I liked it a lot. I still have it.

[ Barber pole ]

Sadly, the ambience of this place is all gone now. The barber shop shut down last week and moved across the street to a brand new location (hence the "NG", part of the sign saying they were "MOVING"). There used to be a drug store across the street, but it went out of business several years ago. Last year, someone bought the property and redeveloped it, adding a second story for apartments and dividing the space up into a lot of smaller shops. They probably brought all their old stuff across the street, but I just can't see it being the same. I'll find out soon enough; I need to get another haircut soon.

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