Snow storm, December 5-6, 2003, Middletown, NJ, and aftermath, December 7, Ocean Grove NJ

My friend Tom took a neat panoramic shot of his yard, so I figured I would try to do the same thing. This small version is a link to a larger version.

Small version of panoramic shot of our front yard

The rest of the photos here are just normal shots. This large tree dominates the right half of our front yard. I remember when this tree was only slightly taller than me.

Big snow covered pine tree

View of our front yard

This is a long exposure shot of the deck in back, taken at night.

The deck at night

The view from our office.

View from our office

The back yard, taken from as far out on the deck as I dared venture while it was snowing.

Back yard from the deck

More pictures ->

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