Critters for Critters -- St. Augustine, Florida -- Alligator Farm®, Thanksgiving Day, November 24

Shelley Powers had this great idea to auction off a set of photographs of animals and use the proceeds to help animals stranded by Hurricane Katrina. At first I thought, well, I don't have any photographs of animals that I could contribute. But then I remembered; I spent a day at the Alligator Farm® in St. Augustine, Florida last year, and I got some really good pics. So, as my contribution to Critters for Critters, here are the photographs I'm donating that people can bid on as part of the auction, from our day at the Alligator Farm.

Lunge!: There are times when a 3D camera would really come in handy. I really like this shot of a crocodile about to take a chunk out of my hand.* They don't move much, but when they do....

* Note that the crocodile did not in fact take a chunk out of my hand. The Alligator Farm® ensures the safety of all its visitors, and if you look closely, you'll see that a good part of what appears to be water droplets rushing out of the water as the croc attacks is actually just schmutz on the plexiglass that stood between me and Mr. Crocodile. Please don't sue me.

Crocodile lunges at you

Laughing crocs: These guys look pretty happy to me. In fact, they look like they're getting a big chuckle out of their buddy lunging at me.

Happy smiley crocs

Stinkeye: When we got back to my parents' condo and I showed them the day's harvest of photos, Mom said this bird was giving me the stinkeye. So Stinkeye it is. (I really love this shot. This one's going on the wall.)

Stinkeye the parrot

Croc o' Crocs: Croc heads, croc heads, roly poly croc heads. (Laura pointed this one out to me; I think this is another particularly good shot, maybe even the best of the vacation.)

Croc heads, croc heads, roly poly croc heads

I took a lot of pictures on this trip:

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