Dear Mr. Smolan,

Cyberspace has made such a significant impact on my life, I really intended to create a web page for 24 Hours in Cyberspace explaining it all, but I ran out of time. I was too busy:

Cyberspace has kept me awfully busy in the past month since I heard about your project. I'm afraid I've been neglecting other things. I should really answer my e-mail from the friends in Boston I stay with every August when I go to Macworld Expo and who I stayed with in Karlsruhe, Germany, last year when one of them was studying there for a few months. And I feel bad about not contacting the friend in London I met on to find out how his recently-born daughter has been doing this month. I need to get in touch with my friend in Amsterdam who edits the World Radio TV Handbook, too, to see if he would be interested in commissioning a followup article to the one I wrote for the 1994 edition of the book about radio software for the Macintosh; I was able to point out improvements that could have been made to their article in 1993 because I recognized much of it as having come from an old document on the topic available online. There are about a million other things that would slip my mind if I didn't have my backlog of e-mail to remind me. Some times I marvel that I have time to eat and sleep. Nine years after discovering netnews on my first day at work at AT&T, I'm not sure there's any aspect of my life that Cyberspace doesn't touch any more.

So I'm sorry I wasn't able to create a fancy home page to help celebrate 24 Hours in Cyberspace. I hope you'll accept this excuse and my humble apologies.

Sincerely yours,

Ralph Brandi

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