Ralph Brandi


Experienced front end web developer for large corporate web sites with twenty-five years of web experience does not seek new position; I'm happy where I am. Thanks anyway.


Presentation Layer Architect / Architect, Experience Technology, Razorfish / SapientRazorfish, New York, NY
  • Presentation Layer Architect / Architext, Experience Technology

    Track architect for TE.com, managed front end build for AEM-based eCommerce site with hundreds of thousands of SKUs. AngularJS.

    Developer, MercedesMe. Filled in for a few months on project using React and microservices.

    Track architect, HPE.com. Architected and managed product catalog track for AEM-based eCommerce site. AmpersandJS-based (fork of Backbone).

    Architect, Hearts on Fire. Jewelry eCommerce front end build for at-the-time undefined back end build to happen later. Used vanilla JavaScript so the front end would fit in to whatever tech stack they eventually decided on, and documented the build completely, calling our expected APIs what we expected them to return.

    Architect, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. Angular 4 and microservices based customer-facing site to enable customers to manage their vehicle financing. Designed the architecture and built with one other developer. Managed team expansion on client side, trained client developers to work on the site, fully documented visual design and functional design.

2010 - 2013
Senior Presentation Layer Developer, Razorfish, New York, NY
  • Senior Presentation Layer Developer

    HTML, CSS, Object-oriented Javascript, light JSP programming for Nextel International, PNC Bank, MillerCoors, Mercedes-Benz USA, and Ford. iPad app development for (unnamed client; app not released yet).

2008 - 2010
Senior Web Developer, MRM Worldwide, New York, NY
  • Senior Web Developer

    Created microsites and site sections for agency clients such as Nikon, Intel, Sepracor, Unilever and the U.S. Army. Works with Javascript libraries, including jQuery, Mootools, and YUI. Engineered innovative solutions to issues surrounding search engine optimization and user tracking. Troubleshooting resource for fellow developers and client teams. Consulted on accessibility and Section 508 issues for sites. Technical lead on Bertolli and Sepracor accounts, working with Project Managers and Account Managers to estimate new work and ensure that it is completed in a timely and efficient manner. Investigated and recommended as appropriate new technologies and systems such as social media for integration into client projects. Lead front-end developer for Intel Download Center, a major .NET-based application developed using Agile-based iterative development; this site is available in 11 different languages. Implemented support for Arabic on www.intel.com home page. Implemented design for Chevrolet Arabia (www.chevroletarabia.com) for ten countries in both English and Arabic using CSS and Javascript (HTML was already developed by our Frankfurt office). Lead front-end developer on Home Depot transition.

    Freelance from April, 2008, to August, 2008; thereafter, full time.

2007 - 2008
Senior Developer (Freelance), Magnani Caruso Dutton, New York, NY
  • Senior Developer (Freelance)

    Created dynamic site sections for agency clients such as AT&T and Discover Card using standards-compliant (X)HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Ensured that sites worked cross-browser and cross-platform and that they degraded gracefully using progressive enhancement techniques. Worked with Javascript libraries such as JQuery and MCD's homegrown object-oriented library. Incorporated accessibility-friendly features into the sites. Troubleshooting resource for fellow developers and for client implementation teams. Created a Wiki for development group to use for documenting projects. Updated PHP-based jobs database to work with agency's new corporate web site; interfaced database with Flash front end. Created HTML-based e-mails for client.

2003 - 2007
Front End Web Developer, Apollo Consulting (supporting IBM/Capgemini on Lucent/Alcatel-Lucent account), Holmdel, NJ
  • Front End Web Developer

    Implemented CSS-based design for corporate home page for www.lucent.com. Maintained pages across www.lucent.com and www.bell-labs.com at direction of members of business and marketing communities. Created reports in Accrue web statistics environment for various campaigns and worked with clients to interpret these reports. Recommended and implemented search engine optimized CSS-based design for customer segment-specific landing pages on www.lucent.com that resulted in top placement in popular search engines for desired keywords. Worked iwth client to create guidelines for ensuring that pages were optimized for search engines and users. Co-created internal weblogging system from scratch, supporting multiple weblogs, for use by Employee Communications department. Implemented CSS- and Javascript-based navigation system visually identical to previous table-based system to improve ease of maintenance and organic search engine placement.

2002 - 2003
Front End Web Developer and Technical Writer, Netbind, Inc., Morganville, NJ
  • Front End Web Developer

    Designed and maintained front end for two web-based applications at fifteen-person startup. Worked closely with programmers to incorporate design into JSP-based applications. Developed code to incorporate help system into applications. Worked on front-end code for Flash-based application using Actionscript and XML.

  • Technical Writer

    Rewrote corporate web site to accurately reflect new directions company had taken since previous update. Redesigned opening to make content more accessible and easier to find. (Site now offline. Wrote HTML-based online help systems for two JSP-based web applications. Incorporated tool-tips within the applications. Wrote hard copy installation manuals for hardware associated with both applications for professional installers and end user consumers.

1996 - 2002
Member of Technical Staff-I, Lucent Technologies, Lincroft and Holmdel, NJ
1993 - 1996
Sr. Information Development Specialist, AT&T, Lincroft, NJ
1991 - 1993
Sr. Information Development Specialist, CDI on AT&T account, Middletown and Lincroft, NJ
  • Webmaster 1993-2002

    Webmaster for Bell Labs internal and external sites. Conceived strategy and defined audiences for sites. Ensured user-focused methodology during design to make sites easy to use; consideration of corporate goals also weighed during design process and balanced with user needs. Troubleshot logical structure of content. Implemented design such that future design changes are relatively simple to apply across the site. Maintained sites through multiple redesigns over many years. Externally available address: www.bell-labs.com.

    Usability Specialist for Commitment Register. Usability consultant for corporate-wide web-based tool to connect sales force to development groups. Conducted usability tests and focus groups with users to discover design problems. Recommended solutions and design changes that resulted in significant increased productivity in tests.

    Webmaster for corporate publications and training group. Designed, implemented and maintained site for organization of ~1500 employees. Conducted usability tests with users; resulting changes saw ten-fold increases in ability to find information within tested sections. Created SQL-based databases for shared bookmarks and department-wide satisfaction surveys.

  • Technical Writer 1991-1995

    Wrote technical documentation for StarSentry IP network management software, StarLAN Network Ethernet hardware, and StarGROUP file and print server software.


B.A., Speech Communications
Penn State University University Park, PA


Paper Authoring for the Web presented September 1998 for Lucent WebWeek ’98 conference. Reprised September 1999.


Member, Web Standards Project International Liaison Group


Available upon request.