Holding a familiar picture, 1947

3 people holding a picture

This picture is particularly intriguing. This appears to be a man and either his wife and son, or perhaps daughter and son or daughter and grandson. Hard to tell. Note that the man is holding a picture. I seem to remember reading that holding pictures of distant family was common in pictures in Europe at this time. Looking very closely at the picture he's holding, I thought I recognized the people in it, so....

The picture being held


...I scanned that portion of the picture at about 800% normal resolution. It's a picture of Grandma and Grandpa with my mom and her sister, with Sobol and his wife. My mom confirms that this is indeed them, and says that it's a very familiar picture, one that was hanging on the wall at their house and at Sobol's all the time she was growing up. Assuming that this picture-within-the-picture was taken within roughly a year of the entire picture, my mom would have been 3 or 4 at the time, and her sister would have been 8 or 9, which seems to be about right for the two little girls in the picture.

caption -- August 8, 1947


There's not much of a caption on the back of this one, just one word written in Cyrillic and Ukrainian, and the date, August 8, 1947. Natalie Lisowiec of the InfoUkes genealogy mailing list generously translated the Ukrainian captions on these pages for me (thanks, Natalie!) and tells that that the one word is "received", so that's not much help. Sobol captioned every picture meticulously, so why did he have to slack off on this one? Maybe the people in this photo are so close to him that he didn't feel the need to elaborate....

The original of this picture is quite small, maybe 2 inches wide and 3 inches tall.

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