The old folks at home with their dog, and a wedding, 1959

with a dog

This caption on this picture reads: "in the picture from left to right
sitting O. Ceredovicha, O. Ceredovich
Standing two sisters. O. Cered and Eva Barclik"

Unfortunately, those names don't mean anything to me at the moment, but maybe they will at some point.

Natalie translated the caption on this photo for me and tells me that this photo is from the wedding of Zenova Zurbyk to Roman Ilchishin in 1959. I know that Grandma's brother Peter (Petro) stayed in Ukraine after the war, unlike her sister, who moved to western Poland, so it's possible that this is his daughter, which would make Zenoba my mother's cousin.

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The caption reads:

This is Zenova Zurbyk (after father) Ilchishin after husband, and her husband Roman Ilchishin.


There are a few more pictures in this packet, but they appear to be of people in North America, possibly just friends of Sobol. I'll scan them in later if you're interested.