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Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Digging through Sobol's stuff that I got from Grandma's house, I found an address for Grandma's sister, Katarzyna Kacamarska. At least in 1984, she lived in Lemierzyce in the province of Gorzów Wielkopolski. This map from Expedia shows where Lemierzyce is, quite close to the German border. Katarzyna is the sister who married the Polish lawyer after her father died in order to provide a home for her brothers and sisters. Given that Katarzyna was probably six or seven years older than Grandma, she would have to be about 94 years old now if she were still alive, something that's not likely. And given that Uncle Vince and Aunt Nancy only mentioned wanting to contact Grandma's brother, maybe they already know that Katarzyna's not alive.

Speaking of Grandma's brother, I think I may have found an address for him, too. I've posted something to the InfoUkes genealogy mailing list asking for someone who knows Ukrainian to double check for me. If you want to see the address, I've got a page up with scans of the envelope as Sobol wrote the address out.

Posted at 10:32:57 PM