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Friday, April 6, 2001

Here are some more cleaned up birth records from San Potito Sannitico that have been sitting on my hard drive for a few months waiting for me to finish them up.

These three birth records are for siblings of Filippo Brandi, later to become Maria's husband and my 3G grandfather. The eldest was Dionisio Michele Arcangelo Brandi, born at 11 pm, July 21, 1813 to Daniele Brandi, age unclear, and Giovanna Cancello, age 30. This record had pretty serious print-through from the other side of the page, and was impossible to clean up completely.

Next in line was Maria Giuseppa Brandi, born at 6 pm, September 2, 1815. Daniele is listed as being 34 years old, and Giovanna as being 30. Both were peasant farmers. Witnesses were Giovanni Leggiero, a 32 year old farmer living on Strada Chiesa Nuova, and Angelo Santillo, a 21 year old farmer living on Strada Formose. Maria Giuseppa was baptized on September 4th. I guess the state's presses were broken in late 1814, as all the records from this year were completely handwritten.

Filippo was born on May 31, 1818, something I covered earlier.

Last of the three siblings was Giovanni, born at 6 pm, November 20, 1822 (two pages). Daniele is listed as being 35 years old, miraculously having aged only one year since the birth of his daughter in 1815. Giovanna was 39 years old, which squares with the 1813 record but not the 1815 record. In this record, they're listed as living at no. 18 Strada Chiesa Nuova. Witnesses were Michelangelo Seccia, a 45 year old waiter living at 21 Strada Chiesa Nuova, and Marcellino Fiordello, a 50 year old farmer living at house number 30 on the same street. Giovanni was baptized on November 21st.

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