Leonardo, New Jersey, April 30, 2006

After shooting a roll of film at Campbell's Junction, I headed to the state marina/beach in Leonardo.

Leonardo has gained some small measure of fame as the mythical home of many of the characters in Kevin Smith's Jersey movies. In fact, to get to the beach, you have to drive right by the convenience store and video store immortalized in Smith's first movie, Clerks.

A wooden railing at an abandoned restaurant

This railing is actually for the patio at an abandoned restaurant on Route 36. I hadn't gotten to the beach yet when I shot this.

long shot of the entrance to the beach

The beach isn't particularly prepossessing or anything.

Sign saying that there are no guards today

The sign says that there are no guards on the beach today, but it looks like that's the case pretty much every day.

The beach shack

I love that they painted the beach shack this particular shade of electric blue. This photo is actually a good demonstration of the parallax error on the Diana. In the viewfinder, there was almost no ground showing, and the roof of the shack was clearly visible.

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